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Team Recognition Letters Shown Below

May 2, 2012

Thanks again StrongHope Foundation for this wonderful experience!

A.J. is on cloud 9 and really enjoying his new found love for lacrosse. I am really touched by the amount of support and love that these teams have given to him. It makes my heart burst with joy and just watching him walk on the field Friday night with the team brought tears to my eyes seeing how happy my little boy is. We couldn’t get thru this without people like you in our lives and we are ever so grateful!

A.J. gave his teacher a StrongHope wrist band today and today she was allowing him to bring in his helmet, jersey, stick and gloves to show the class. That is all he has been talking about to his classmates and she thought it would be good for him to show everyone and talk about it.

Smile beaming from ear to ear on AJ this morning! Can’t wait to hear how it went when I pick him up from school today.

We are passing the word to everyone about Team StrongHope!
Forever Thankful,
Amanda Bobby

Letter from Amanda Bobby, mother of 8yr A.J. Bobby (Team Ambassador)who is currently battling childhood leukemia.


2010 Letter from John Hopkins Hospital

Dear Team Strong Hope Players:

Congratulations on your hard work. Not only did you win the tournament but you are providing hope for children with cancer. Every dollar we raise brings us closer to a cure. We thank you for honoring our childhood cancer heroes.

Think your donation does not help Today, a child with cancer has over 75% chance of survival.

30 years ago it was less than 10%.

Stephanie RiceDavis

Sr. Director of Development
Division of Pediatric Oncology, SKCCC
One Charles Center
100 North Charles Street, Suite 234

2011 Letter from Johns Hopkins Hospital

Funding Research and Hope

Pediatric Oncology patients at Camp Sunrise

If you look hard enough through a microscope, You can see a childs future.

To our Team Strong Hope family:

On behalf of our young patients with cancer, we want to thank you for helping to cure their disease so they can lead healthy and happy lives and just be normal kids, like each of you. We are so grateful that you won the tournament and got sponsors to support you in your efforts. We are very appreciative of your hard work and team spirit.

With sincere appreciation,


Stephanie RiceDavis
Sr. Director of Development
Division of Pediatric Oncology, SKCCC
100 North Charles Street, Suite 234
Baltimore,MD 21201

2012 Letter from Johns Hopkins Hospital


To Team Strong Hope:

Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,

there are many components that together will

one day complete the cure.

Each discovery

every child who is cured

brings us one piece closer to completing the puzzle.

On behalf of the young patients we take care of each day,

thank you for supporting our mission of curing childhood cancer

and being an important piece of the puzzle that will one day complete the cure.

We are so proud that this is your third year playing lacrosse to benefit our patients with cancer. Your donation of $1400.00 is amazing —

I know how hard you worked to reach this fantastic goal.


Stephanie Davis

Division of Pediatric Oncology at Johns Hopkins